Move Your Money From Wall Street to Main Street

The Big 6 banks - JP Morgan/Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – have collectively mismanaged and abused their fiduciary oversight of billions of dollars of Americans hard-earned money.

The result? A domino effect. People are losing their homes, unemployment is in the double digits and overall, the American economy is in serious trouble.

Yet, executives at the big banks accepted the government’s bailout package, still accepted large cash bonuses and don’t give out much needed loans.

Thanks to a select group of “fed up” people at a pre-Christmas dinner in December 2009, they decided to do something about “it” and Americans have recently begun to polarize to move money. The idea is simple. Move your money from one of the Big 6 to a stable, economically viable, and community bank, like Worthington Bank. Why? It is the community banks that generally did not take the bail out money, they continue to give much-needed loans and they are rated high in the independent watchdog group for banks, Institutional Risk Analytics. Much like a house of cards will fall when you start to shift its core, if account holders of the Big 6 move their money, these behemoth financial institutions will start to shake and have to make adjustments, e.g. listen to their customers and make positive changes.